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Denticool Paste

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  • Materialmixture

[Icomi Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Denticool Toothpaste

1. size (including the case)

 width 1.1 * length 5.9 * height 0.15(cm)

- For a single use it has been packed with 1g each to reduce the wastes and with a cool applemint ingredient used it removes the bad breath and allows continuous cool applemint scent.

-Denticool paste is the smallest size in the world.

2. Ingredient

-Allantoine Chlorohydroxy Aluminum - Prevention periodontal disease

-Colloidal Silicon Dioxide - Strengthen and Whiten teeth

-Flourine - Prevention Cavity

-Caprolactam - Antiphlogistics, Prevention Gingivitis

-Apple mint - Removal bad breath

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