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Toothbrush Denticool M

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Toothbrush Denticool M

    With its thin and unique design it provides a far better effect than of a tooth brushing with a standard toothbrush and also can be carried easily for an easy and simple use for after meals and travels.

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Product Introduction

Denticool Paste
For a sigle use it has been packed with 1g each to reduce the wastes and with a cool applemint ingredient used it removes the bad breath and allows continuous cool applemint scent

Now free up the large toothbrush and toothpaste!
You do not need these anymore.
You can use it from the bag easily!
Essential Item!!
Compact, Slim
Denticool and Dentiquette

During the travel
For the date
Before the meeting

Product Function

Product Function

Denticool is effective for cleaning gum, teeth, tongue, palate, preventing cavity, periodontal disease, paradentitis and removing bad breath etc.

Moreover, Denticool differ from the gum, oral spray and gargle which scrubs directly.

So the fragrance remains for a long time and fresh feeling lasts.

Silicon Product Trait
the general toothbrush which becomes dirty because of toothpaste or dust in the air or pollution of becterium is not hygienic, but the silicon toothbrush has little risk of pollution.

  Using silicon of FDA approval material, you don't need to worry about Endocrine disruptor.
Great elasticity and soft feeling.
As Denticool is made of silicon, it can prevent paradentitis,
gum, involution, bleeding and promote the circulation of the blood.